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The Augustinian Recollect Mission in Cuba: A Journey of Service

Mission in Cuba means getting out of your comfort zone, as defined by the Philippine missionary, Fr. Kenneth Pahamutang, the challenge of adapting to a new cultural and linguistic environment to serve a diverse and needy community.

With humility and determination, in July 2022 he immersed himself in the Cuban community to bring the message of Christ to that part of the world where approximately 40% of its population is Catholic and where the Augustinian Recollects have been present since 2018.

A fundamental part of their work consists of providing spiritual and material support to those most in need. From visiting the sick to distributing scarce medicines such as paracetamol, Fr. Kenneth strives every day to alleviate suffering and meet the basic needs of the community.

But beyond tangible actions, the missionary highlights the value of emotional and spiritual learning in his mission. As she explains during this interview, through opening up to others and sharing her own struggles and emotions, she finds a deep sense of connection and solidarity with the Cuban community.

Hopefully, Fr. Kenneth looks forward to a prosperous future for all Cubans. He dreams of a growth in Christian faith and a greater openness to community and neighbor.

His testimony inspires us not only to serve, but also to open our hearts and minds to the experiences and needs of others, and reminds us that the true journey of life is one that leads us to connect with the hearts and souls of those we meet along the way.