Augustinian Recollect spirituality is based on St. Augustine and his charism. This same line has been followed by many saints of the Augustinian family who, with simple lives, have transferred the message of God to others with their lives and works.

St. Augustine

Aurelius Augustinus – better known as St. Augustine or Augustine of Hippo – is (along with St. Jerome, St. Gregory and St. Ambrose) one of the four most important Fathers of the Latin Church. He was born in Tagaste in 354, in North Africa. Despite having “twisted his ways”, against the advice of his mother St. Monica, he underwent an intense process of interior conversion. For several months he retired to Casiciaco, near Milan, to meditate. In 387 he was baptized. A few years later he was ordained priest and later, in 395, bishop of Hippo.

Who was Saint Augustine?


Centers of Augustinian Recollect Spirituality (CEAR)

The Augustinian Recollect Spirituality Centers are a great response to today’s man, a man who is uprooted, disintegrated and in search of meaning. The CEARs offer activities, dynamics, meditations and retreats that seek St. Augustine’s objective: to find God within each person through his or her spirituality.

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Continuing Education

The booklets of Ongoing Formation are available for you to read wherever you want. They deal with themes of spirituality from the Christian and Augustinian Recollect charism.

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