Being an Augustinian Recollect is a great experience. If you don't believe it, the protagonists tell it to you

“I fell in love with the Order’s ability to make everything a good thing.”

César de Freitas, Augustinian Recollect


“In adolescence I lost contact with God but he found me again and called me back.”

Sr. Rosa María Mora, Augustinian Recollect Nun


“The Lord stirred my heart and I opted for the Augustinian Recollects after a period of discernment.”

Edgar Alexis Sáenz, Augustinian Recollect


“In the encounters with the Lord in the Eucharist, I felt the call in my heart and decided to give my life.”

Erendira Martinez, professed Augustinian Recollect nun


“I like to pray; it’s what we do: pray for everyone and for the people who commend themselves to our prayers.”

Augustinian Recollect contemplative nun