Being OAR

To be an Augustinian Recollect means to live the Christian life in the style of St. Augustine: having a profound experience of prayer, sharing life in community and working for the Kingdom of God.

We Augustinian Recollects are religious consecrated to God who live our vocation by opting for a life of radical commitment through the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. This allows us the freedom to fix our gaze and aspirations on God, giving ourselves to the mission that the Church entrusts to us.



What is our life like?

Community life | Study | Action | Mission

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Itinerary of an Augustinian Recollect

Plowing. Plowing implies the careful action of preparing and arranging the land for sowing.

Sowing. The work of sowing consists of giving the seed to the earth with confidence and hope.

Cultivate. This stage seeks that, through accompaniment, the person gradually elaborates an authentic, free, conscious and mature response before the Lord.

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“I dream of being a religious dedicated to Christ and to the Church in the Augustinian Recollect life.”

Jeison Javier Barrios, Augustinian Recollect

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Augustinian Recollect Secular Fraternity

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And why not?

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JAR Youth

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If you have vocational concerns or want to contact us to learn more about the Augustinian Recollects vocational process, you can fill out this form and we will contact you.