For the Order of Augustinian Recollects, education is one of the pillars of its apostolate to the world. For more than 400 years, educational actions have been promoted, understanding that they are instruments of evangelization and cultural promotion. However, it was in 1940 that a firm decision was made to open primary and higher education schools.

Currently the Order of Augustinian Recollects works in the educational apostolate with 50 educational institutions (universities, colleges, schools, nursery schools and socio-educational centers).
(universities, colleges, schools, kindergartens and socio-educational centers), educating more than

82,000 students


4,500 teachers worldwide. According to official data, it is one of the ministries in which the Augustinian Recollects have the greatest presence, and it is currently one of the best evangelizing platforms.


Networking: Educate


Since the 55th General Chapter, held in 2016, the educational work of the Order of Augustinian Recollects has been carried out through the international Augustinian Recollect educational network EDUCAR.

Fostering communion today in a globalized world requires networking. That is why this work is carried out through EDUCAR. Its name derives from the word EDUC, which evokes the word ‘education’ and is common in the official languages of the Order (Spanish, English and Portuguese), and from AR, referring to Augustinian Recollect.

The EDUCAR network brings together all the educational works of the Augustinian Recollects throughout the world. Managed by the General Secretariat for the Educational Apostolate, its purpose is to offer resources and unify the Augustinian teaching model.

Among its objectives is to foster the relationship and collaboration among the educational centers of the Augustinian Recollect family; to disseminate the principles of Augustinian pedagogy in the educational centers of the Augustinian Recollect family and to collaborate with the educational centers in the formation of teachers; to offer initiatives among students and teachers of the network; and to collaborate with the ARCORES Network in the design of social initiatives, justice, peace and defense of creation in the educational field.


Institutional Educational Project – PEI

The elaboration of an Institutional Educational Project responds to the need to reflect on the present day of our educational service in order to project ourselves into the future, the basic elements of this reflection being the nature of our order and the socio-cultural situation to which we wish to respond.


Pedagogical Basis

Augustinian pedagogy is based on an integral process (spiritual, intellectual, moral and of the will) aimed at bringing out and energizing, through the cognitive power of love, all the latent potentialities of the student.


Our schools in the world

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