In order that the service function of the General Government of the Order may be carried out in the most effective and dynamic way possible, the management of the various matters is distributed among various Secretariats and Commissions, which are usually headed by the General Councilors. The Secretariats and Commissions are bodies of an administrative nature and carry out their tasks within the limits and norms established by the Prior General with the consent of his Council. Its main function is to provide information, initiative and impetus. They act with the usual faculties contained in the statutes of each Secretariat and approved by the Prior General with the consent of his Council; they always act under the direction of the Prior General, who is responsible for making decisions together with his Council.

Secretariat of Spirituality and Formation

The General Secretariat for Spirituality and Formation is one of the administrative bodies through which the General Government carries out its function of service to the Order in the animation of the spiritual life, the living of its own charism and initial and ongoing formation. In order to carry out its functions, the Secretariat is divided into four sections:

  • Initial Training Section
  • Continuing Education Section
  • Spirituality and Liturgy Section
  • Secular Augustinian Recollect Fraternity Section


Secretariat of Apostolate

The General Secretariat of Apostolate is one of the organs of administrative character, through which the General Government carries out its function of service to the Order in the animation and impulse of the evangelizing action in the ministries of mission, in the parochial ministries or in centers of pastoral action of diverse nature entrusted and taken care of by the Order, as well as in its own educational centers.

To carry out its functions, the Secretariat is divided into three sections:

– Missionary Apostolate Section. – Ministerial Apostolate Section. – Educational Apostolate Section

Secretariat for Vocations and Youth

The General Secretariat for Vocations and Youth is one of the administrative bodies through which the General Government carries out its function of service to the Order.

This Secretariat is entrusted with the mission of:


  • To closely follow and guide the vocational and youth work of the Order in the different Provinces, according to the Augustinian Recollect charism.
  • To watch over the fulfillment of the directives that emanate from our laws regarding vocational and youth ministry.
  • To promote and coordinate, with the authorization of the Prior General and his Council, the initiatives that he deems convenient for the achievement of the mission of vocational and youth animation of the Order.

Social Apostolate Commission

The Social Apostolate Commission (CAS) is an organ of animation, reflection, coordination, dialogue and communion to help put into practice the Chapter’s options and priorities in the field of the social apostolate; an institutionalized channel to foster co-responsibility and coordination among the ministries and local agents -religious and lay- of the Order and the Augustinian Recollect Family.

The CAS is born with the commitment to awaken, nourish, encourage and accompany the missionary spirit of justice and universal solidarity proper to the Church and the Augustinian Recollect charism, making this dimension a transversal axis of the life and pastoral and missionary activity of the Order of Augustinian Recollects.

Communication and Publications Committee

The Communications and Publications Commission (CPC) is a consultative body at the service of the Order, dependent on the Prior General and his Council, which approves the plans and proposals of the CPC and makes the appropriate decisions.

The primary purpose of the PCC is to present and spread the charism of the Order and to safeguard its institutional image.

Revitalization Team

The Revitalization Team is an international and interdisciplinary team of religious that promotes Augustinian Recollect spirituality and the formation of religious and laity to respond from our charismatic identity to the call of the new Evangelization. Among its functions are the elaboration of annual retreats, ongoing formation materials, monthly retreats, interiority experiences, Lectio Divina, formation of teachers and pastoral agents and many other things.

Economic and Heritage Council

The Economic and Patrimony Council of the Order of Augustinian Recollects is an administrative body, created by the Prior General and his Council. Its mission is to advise the Prior General and his Council on financial matters, and to assist the Bursar General in the administration of the temporal goods of the Order. He must see to it that in the economic management of the Order, the spirit of the Gospel always shines forth and that the dispositions of the Church, of the Law and of our Constitutions are followed, and that this management is perfectly reconciled with the vow of poverty and the common law of work.

Commission for the Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults

The mission entrusted by the Church to the Augustinian Recollects is carried out mainly in parishes, educational centers, mission areas and social projects. In all these ministries, every day we share life and mission with thousands of people who place their trust in us to accompany them in the experience of faith and the celebration of the sacraments, to collaborate in the education of their children, to nourish themselves with Augustinian tradition and spirituality or to contribute to the construction of a more just world for all. We Augustinian Recollects want to guarantee that all these spaces of human relationships and places of coexistence are true environments where the development of the person is promoted in an integral way and where the culture of good treatment is cultivated.