Augustinian Recollect Youth in the birth place of Saint Thomas of Villanueva

The Sacred Heart College of the Daughters of Charity, opened its doors to 300 Recollect youths from different parts of the country, and where the presentation of the gathering, group dynamics and night prayer took place.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast and prayer, the participants were divided into groups, which took turns in various workshops focusing on the life of St. Thomas, the History of centennial Recollect Province, and the apostolic, missionary and youth ministry of the Order. Meanwhile, those responsible were preparing the stage, sound system and decorations for the afternoon festival in the "Auditorio La Encarnacion."


There were three prizes for ten songs with vocational and Augustinian themes. The words of the motto have been chosen to animate this year of preparation for the centenary celebration of the Province of Santo Tomas Villanueva in 2009. These words express the meaning of the life of the Saint, who gave up everything for others, for he knew how to totally surrender himself.

The third prize went to Augustinian Recollect Youth of Sevilla. The youth group of San Sebastian got the second prize, while the group “ Desconocidos” from Guadalajara garnered the first prize.


There was also a Eucharistic Vigil on Saturday evening in the Parish of the Incarnation. The place fomented the celebration. The youth were so spontaneous and joyful in the Eucharistic celebration. Such joyful mode continued at the party with the DJ.

On Sunday, after prayer, a "gymkhana" was organized by the town where Saint Thomas was born and lived to learn more about the saint and the streets where the first years of his life run. Both neighbors of Villanueva de los Infantes and local authorities showed a hospitality worth recalling.