The Pope intends to Augustine as a model for the pursuit of happiness

Pope Benedict XVI invited the youth to look at the experience of St. Augustine, “who discovered that only Jesus Christ is the adequate answer to his and every man’s yearning for a happy life, full of meaning and value (cf. Confessions I, 1, 1)”.

The Holy Father explained that among the aspirations of every young person is the acquisition of happiness, “an aspiration often exploited in the most deceiving and alienating way by the present consumeristic society”, Pope Benedict XVI noted. In his opinion there is a need to take up seriously the “yearning for happiness” and to understand the it demands “true and comprehensive answer”.

“As with St. Augustine, the Lord comes out to meet you. He knocks at the door of your free hearts and begs to be welcomed as a friend”. He wants to make you happy and to fill you with humanity and dignity. Christian faith is nothing else than this: encounter with Christ, a person who is alive and who gives life a new horizon and with it the decisive direction. And when the heart of the young person opens up to his divine plans, it will not be difficult to recognize him and follow his voice”, the Pope continued.

The Building of the Christian Family

Benedict XVI also emphasized the importance of marriage, the preparation of which ‘is a way to a true vocation”. The Pope explained to the youth that “the Lord calls each one by his name and would like to entrust upon each one a specific mission in the Church and in the society. (…) Seriously think then of the divine call to build a Christian family and that your youthfulness be the time to ensure your future with meaning and responsibility”. The society needs Christian families, holy families!”.

In the same manner, the Pope alluded as well to the priesthood and the consecrated life. “Be attentive and be well-disposed to the call of Jesus to offer your lives for the service of God and his people. The Church, also in this land, needs many and holy priests and persons totally consecrated to the service of Christ, the Hope of the world”.