The International Encounter of Augustinian Recollect Youth will be in Rio de Janeiro before the WYD.

There has been yet one International Encounter of RAY. It coincided with the WYD of Madrid last year. The participation of the Augustinian Recollect youth coming from almost all countries where the Order is present and the commitment of the whole Augustinian Recollect family, which would consist of bishops, religious, secular fraternity, contemplative nuns, Christian Mothers of Saint Monica . . . made it possible for the previous encounters with the Pope to have an Augustinian Recollect character. The success of this first experience invites a second encounter.

The General Council has announced not only the dates of the II RAY International Encounter, but has also named five Augustinian Recollect religious to coordinate and animate the youth to participate in this initiative. Aware of the global economic crisis and the difficulties of the endeavor, the members of the General Council trusts in “dream and creativity of the youth in order to prepare this encounter, even though it supposes on their part a sacrifice in looking for means to finance the trip and lodging.”

It is desired that, with great certainty, this endeavor will be supported by the whole Augustinian Recollect family, in such a way that all the members of the RAY may be able to participate, in one way or another, in this world event.