Francisco Javier Monroy, president of the General Secretariat of Spirituality and Formation, meets in Colombia with the formation teams of the provinces of Our Lady of Consolation and Our Lady of Candelaria

In the process of formation of the new provinces, the meetings of the subcommittees begin in view of the meetings of the interprovincial commissions that together with the Prior General, Miguel Miró, will be shaping the future of the future provinces.

Prior to the meeting of the Subcommittee on spirituality, formation and vocations, made up of members of both provinces, Javier Monroy, presided over the meeting of the formation teams of both provinces. This meeting was convened by the Prior General for the subcommission to be formed in the guidelines that the General Chapter marked for the six years.
In the training aspect, the meeting focused in particular on understanding the new spirit to be implemented in training and that is being explained in the Formative Itinerary (IFAR). We want to form from our own charism and our own charism; This means a series of renovations and rethinking, putting on the table structures, styles, relationships, accompaniments … to approach them without fear in a formative experience based on the experience of Agustín and the renewed passion of the recollection.

Javier Monroy was also at the meeting of the subcommittee presenting the CEARs, new ministries for revitalization and had the opportunity to visit all houses training for a better knowledge. In addition, he was able to share his personal experience with the graduates, postulants, novices and professors, encouraging them to follow this path that the Lord gives us as a place for our sanctification.