The Augustinian Recollects consolidate their presence in the media

On August 28, 2013 was born the television channel CEAR Television Network, a medium of communication linked to the Center of Spirituality Agustino-Recoleta de Querétaro (Mexico). The project, approved and supervised by the Vicar of Mexico and its council, has as its first objective the production of television programs that spread the Augustinian Recollect spirituality.

The agreements made through ESNTV have enabled the Augustinian Recollect world to reach the Spanish-speaking world through this Catholic television station that distributes its signal through 17 countries.

CEAR Television Network’s mission is the dissemination of Augustinian Recollect values ​​with the production of television programs broadcast locally, internationally and on the Internet.

The television channel is integrated within one of the areas of the Center of augustinian recollect spirituality of Querétaro. It is a producer of contents related to the Augustinian-Recollect charism that is at the service of the Augustinian Recollects and the Church. Its facilities are in the Fray Luis de León School in Querétaro, Mexico.

In the Querétaro region, these contents are transmitted through channel 210 of the cable TV service Megacable Querétaro. In the international sphere, they are transmitted through the ESNE El Sembrador, based in California (United States) and broadcast in cable, satellite and Internet to the entire American and European continent. Finally, the channel has in-stream streaming over the Internet and with its own boadcast channel on Youtube’s social media content network.

The main productions of the CEAR Television Network are currently five programs aimed at all types of public, including young people and children, and from various audiovisual genres such as the interview, news or documentary.

Values ​​of steel. Program of interviews focused on highlighting human and Christian values. The guests – many of them familiar with the Augustinian Recollects – contribute their personal experiences and opinions in a warm and friendly way. Directed and presented by the augustinian recollect Francisco Javier Acero. Within the program collaborates Gaby Ríos, who presents “Summary AR” a space that reveals the five most important news of the Catholic Church and the Augustinian Recollects of the week.

Education and awareness. Interview program in which several experts in education, together with the presenter María Conchita García, general director of the Fray Luis de León School, analyze, discuss and present issues on the educational system and new pedagogical trends. Fray Enrique Eguiarte presents in this program “He de Guiarte” where he shares the thoughts of St. Augustine with various themes.

Thinking big. A program by Haydeé Blanchet, a journalist who interviews the little ones, with whom he engages in a spontaneous and amusing conversation about the issues that concern them, but with a profound vision of life.

The fourth guest, directed and presented by Liz Zaragoza and Lucero Alvarado, with interviews of a spiritual and human nature.

Ubík-t. Youth program directed by Eduardo Rodríguez, Fernanda Lafón and Mauricio Quintana, which exposes the views of young people on current issues.

– At present a program on cinema is being designed where the current news of the seventh art is commented from the human and Christian values ​​that it shows us through its histories and personages. In addition to commenting on films with a religious content.

Other media of the OAR
In addition to CEAR Television, the Order of Augustinian Recollects has different means of communication with the aim of evangelizing and publicizing the Recollect charism throughout the world: Radio Santa Monica and Rekoleto Radio, or popular and informative publications such as Santa Rita and the People Christian, Sing and Walk, Recoletos observer… etc.