The augustinian recollects of the house of formation of the province Our Lady of the Candelaria, will sing to the Pope Francisco in his visit to Colombia

The Coppell choir was born with the visit of St. John Paul II to Colombia in 1986 and 31 years later will sing a Pope again. The group is directed by the magister Miguel Enrique Cubillos recognized musical producer in Colombia. In 2014 the community of the Theologate asked the teacher Miguel to orient the musical formation of the Augustinian Recollects.

When the news of the apostolic visitation of his sanctity was known, Miguel Enrique Cubillos proposed to conform the today denominated “Great Coral Coppell for Francisco”; This was how this project began and how the young Augustinian Recollects entered to form part of this choir.

Together with the Augustinian Recollects, the choir is made up of children, youth, adults and some Missionary Sisters of Christ the Master, to compose a total of 150 voices. The organizers of the papal visit have entrusted to the choir the animation of the meeting of the pope with the young people in the square of Bolivar of Bogota, that will take place the morning of 7 of September.

To do catechesis through music

For this great event the components of coral have been prepared during the course with arduous rehearsals on Saturdays. In addition, the choir has also been invited to perform in some cities with the aim of disseminating their songs of special composition for this event, compiled in the CD “Let us not steal hope” and achieve a good reception, especially by young people . The musical themes are based on some catechesis of Pope Francis. The desire of the choir is to do catechesis through music.

For the professed Recollects it is a truly privileged opportunity that has filled them with emotion, not only for the fact of singing to the Pope Francisco, but also because as a community they will collaborate so that this visit is a success and the Pope’s message reaches the heart of the Colombians.