United with Venezuela: your help is a light of hope

Venezuela, as is known by the international public opinion, is facing a serious crisis in which, in addition to weakening democratic institutions, the fundamental rights of its inhabitants have been severely affected. What we have summarized in a sentence are actually dramatic situations that affect the weakest sectors of society: deaths due to absence of medicines, children who do not go to school for not having to eat, men and women digging in the garbage.

The Augustinian Recollect Family of the country, strengthened by and in whom makes all things new, has responded creatively by promoting, with the resources it has, solidarity initiatives that help its brothers and sisters most affected to cope with the effects that the political, social and economic crisis have left in their lives.

United with Venezuela

The Order of the Augustinian Recollects wants to bring together all its members in a gesture of solidarity that accompanies, spiritually and materially, the Venezuelan people’s journey and that is why it has decided to start this campaign of fundraising to support and promote the different works that they serve the most urgent needs of the population: food, health and education.

Your help is a light of hope!

We invite you to collaborate with the religious, and lay people of Venezuela, who, being one soul and one heart, work for each other. They also suffer the effects of this crisis but the Holy Spirit keeps on fire the Triune Love that invites them to serve. You too can be a light of hope for Venezuela! making your donations in:

Account in EUROS (€):
SOS ARCORES VENEZUELA (Office in Madrid of the Bank Sabadell).
The account number is:
IBAN: ES88 0081 0640 6800 0216 8519
Account in USD DOLLARS ($):
SOS ARCORES VENEZUELA (Office in Madrid of the Bank Sabadell).
The account number is:
IBAN: ES19 0081 0640 6700 7199 0313

We invite you to share this information with friends concerned about the situation in Venezuela. We also need your prayers.

If you want to have more information about the initiatives that you will help with your contribution, leave us your data to keep you informed: https://bit.ly/2idzwNP

You can download the graphic materials of the campaign “clicking” HERE.

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