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The Isthmus of Panama, the Virgin Mary and the Augustinian Cross, in the logo of the JMJAR Panama 2019

The organizing committee of the meeting of the Augustinian Recollect youth chose the proposal Nohely Ceiba, from Venezuela, from among several logos that were presented to the contest

The World Day of Agustino Recoleta Youth (JMJAR), which will be held in Panama in January 2019, already has a logo. It is the work of Nohely Ceiba, a member of the Agustino Recoletas Youth (JAR) of Maracibo (Venezuela). The organizing committee of the JMJAR Panama 2019 has chosen the proposal of the young Augustinian Recollect of Venezuela from among several of the images submitted to the contest convened by the General Secretariat of Youth Apostolate.

The contest was proposed in order that all the youth of the JAR felt involved in the preparation of the IV JMJAR Panama 2019. As understood by the organizing committee, the chosen logo is the one that best reflects the basic elements of JMJAR next year: it is in accordance with the motto of the meeting “Mary I carry it in her womb, let us take it in our hearts”; reflects the Augustinian Recollect charism; present the characteristic notes of the young JAR -orant, community, apostolic, Marian and missionary-, and invite to live the values ​​of the Gospel.

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The logo has as its distinctive elements an intertwined and ardent heart – characteristic of the Augustinian symbolism -, a schematic representation of the Virgin Mary inside the heart and a parallel Augustinian cross. Highlight the blue and red colors.

The fire represents the four provinces that by January 2019 will have the Order of Augustinian Recollects. The four flames, like the four provinces, contemplate, live and passionately promote the Augustinian Recollect charism. The flames symbolize the phrase of Saint Augustine: “Oh love, you always burn and never extinguish yourself, Charity, my God, turn me on!”

The linked heart glimpses and characterizes the impetuous spirit of St. Augustine, who affirmed that “what is not done out of love is not done from the heart”. He himself encourages fraternal charity as the main way to seek and find the interior teacher in a community of brothers.

The isthmus of Panama, red in color, is located at the top of the heart. As a connection he makes between North and South America, he teaches to build bridges of communion and not walls of contention.

The Virgin Mary is in the center of the logo. It is a silhouette that symbolizes the Panama Canal. It reflects in Mary the model of surrender to God, who under the intercession of Mother Consolador, conceived Jesus in her womb and encourages young people to carry it in their hearts.

Highlights the yellow crown on top of the Virgin Mary. The five stars of the crown symbolize the five characteristics of the JAR: a community of prayer, community, missionary, Marian and Augustinian.

Finally, next to the heart, the Augustinian cross is represented. St. Augustine affirms that the cross of Christ is the route to charity. She remembers the greatest sacrifice of redemption that Jesus Christ made for all humanity.

The organizing committee of JMJAR Panama 2019 also chose the hymn and the prayer, which will be announced soon, at the meeting held last week.