Learn and teach to give to others

“Give what you have so you can receive what you need” is the motto of the EDUCAR International Educational Network for the 2019-2020 academic year. The motto is inspired by a quote from St. Augustine that appears in Semon 350B and reinforces the Augustinian value of solidarity justice.

According to the guidelines for the year 2020, the Order of Augustinian Recollects will focus on the theme “We are prophets of the Kingdom: poor, social projects and peripheries.” To make this idea more affordable in educational reality, the Agustino Recoleta EDUCAR International Educational Network has chosen the Augustinian motto for the 2019-2020 course “Give what you have so you can receive what you need”. The motto is inspired by a quote from St. Augustine that appears in Semon 350B.

The educational motto will begin to be implemented in all educational centers of the Augustinian Recoleta family in the world. First, in the schools of Europe – which begin a new course this month – and later the Augustinian Recollect centers of America and Asia.

EDUCAR explains this motto as follows: “We have all received diverse gifts in different facets of our life, and we must be grateful for them, value them and develop them for the common good. The greatest gift we have received is that of life. It is important to take care of it, take advantage of it and become a gift, as a gift to others.There is much more joy in giving than in receiving: when we give our time, when we offer our gifts, it is when we really realize ourselves, because human beings develop by giving themselves to others. Injustice in our world means that many have very little and very few have much. In our hand is that this inequality is, every time, less. We are called to transform our reality. “

The Institutional Educational Project of the Order of Augustinian Recoletos presents the Augustinian values ​​that must be present in the educational centers, and each year the pedagogical objective is focused on one of them. In line with the motto of this academic year, the value that EDUCAR proposes during this year will be that of solidarity justice. Faced with the challenge of social exclusion, injustice and the proliferation of a culture of death, solidarity justice tends to forge people who win in awareness of interdependence between men and nations. It is expressed in mercy, the public defense of denied values, the option for the excluded and the esteem of interculturality.

Together with the educational motto and the pedagogical objective, a video has been prepared that explains more thoroughly and in an attractive way the phrase “Give what you have so that you can receive what you lack” and what it carries. Likewise, in social networks, the educational centers will use the hashtag #transformAR and the image designed to publicize the theme of this course.