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The Prior General inaugurates two new schools in Sierra Leone

Coinciding with his renovation visit to the country, he blessed two new schools in Kathanta and Kamabai, built thanks to the support of the International Solidarity Network ARCORES.

The Prior General, Miguel Miró, inaugurated on Friday the two new schools of the Augustinian Recollects in Kathanta and Kamabai (Sierra Leone), both financed by ARCORES. Coinciding with his renewal visit to the country, Miró blessed the two schools that make the dream of thousands of children a reality, who will be able to receive education.

The bishop of Makeni, Natale Paganelli, was present at the blessing of the St. Thomas de Villanueva Senior Secondary School in Kamabai, whose educational work began recently with 47 children and 12 teachers, five of whom were paid directly by the Augustinian Recollects. For its part, the Kathanta school has six teachers, although it is only subsidized by the Government of Sierra Leone.

The children of Kathanta, Kamabai and the villages of Kamanakay, Kamakubun, Kamaluyea, Kawereh, Kapethe, Kamadain and Kadagbanah now have a place to receive their education. All of them celebrated the inauguration of the new schools and welcomed with joy the visit of the Prior General. Miguel Miró expressed his gratitude for the work that has made this project possible “so that everyone can have a dignified life”. “May the Lord bless all the teachers and students of these schools,” he said.

The project of a new school in Kathanta and Kamabai, which ARCORES and the Town Hall of Tudela (Spain) started more than a year ago, is already a reality after the inauguration of the Prior General. The 250 children of Kathanta, Kamabai and nearby villages can now receive education in a school with quality facilities and appropriate to a dignified education.

The children in these villages in Sierra Leone were not in school; they were taught in makeshift classrooms under the trees. With this new school of 174 square metres, their education and human development is now possible. It is still necessary to organize how the different rooms of the building will be used and how the children who will receive education in the new ARCORES school in Sierra Leone will be grouped. However, the children can already enjoy their school.