God is born in Cuba’s mission

The Augustinian Recollect missionaries in Cuba celebrated Christmas with the people with multiple events to remember the birth of the Son of God.

The joy, proper to the birth of Jesus, was the main actor in the mission in Cuba. The Cuban people actively participated in the Christmas celebrations that the Augustinian Recollect religious prepared to commemorate the coming of the Son of God. Banes, and the communities served by the missionaries, were filled with life during the days of Christmas. From the days leading up to the Epiphany, the people and the Augustinian Recollect mission united their hearts to receive Jesus.

Dozens of people flocked to the parish of Our Lady of Charity in Banes for the main Christmas celebration on December 25. The Eucharist, animated by the parish choir, was presided by the Augustinian Recollect Ismael Xuruc. The whole town celebrated the birth of Jesus joyfully. And not only in Banes: in Cañadón and other communities the religious were also present to celebrate with the people the arrival of the Messiah.

Christmas continued. On December 26, the whole town celebrated Christmas Eve. In the simple act, the young people represented the mystery of Christmas, starting with the Annunciation to Mary and ending with the birth of Jesus, passing through the journey to Bethlehem. The dramatization was accompanied by the singing of the choir, which accompanied the beautiful play. Young people dressed as shepherds or angels completed the play.

As a family, Banes and the religious celebrated the Solemnity of the Holy Family. After the Eucharist, in which the classic carol ‘Campanitas cubanas’ was sung, everyone enjoyed a Christmas movie and shared lunch.

Christmas concluded with the celebration of the Epiphany of Jesus. In the parish of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad in Banes and in the communities of Macabí and Cañadón, the catechists offered all the children a celebration with prayer, reflection, a play, snacks and, of course, gifts. The latter were made possible thanks to the generosity of the Encuentro de Texas choir.