School of Formation OAR 2022: the stages of life

The School of Formation In Imum Cordis has been holding its third meeting in Mexico since January 31, with the presence of those responsible for formation in the Order.

The School of Formation ‘In Imum Cordis’, the project launched by the General Secretariat for Spirituality and Formation in 2019, has been holding its third meeting since January 31. The House of the Recollection in Cuernavaca (Morelos, Mexico) has been the place chosen to gather the formators of the Order, responsible for the different houses and stages of formation.

From Wednesday to Saturday Father Estefano Guarinelli led a workshop on revision of life history and life cycles, in young people and consecrated, the stages of life that affect the whole person, and influence the current relationships and personal decisions, if there have been some fixations in personal histories will bring difficulties in the present.

Through the study of concrete cases that were studied by groups, they were able to observe maturity in the consecrated person as “something dynamic, not structurally fixed”, although the structures and social context influence its development. He pointed out the need to work on the balance and integration between the different personalities acquired throughout life, “each of them can breathe”, being “adults and children at the same time”.