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“The Lord does not offer assurances”

The Augustinian Recollects Juan Manuel Garzón Santafé and Joe Jair Carabalí González made their solemn profession in Bogotá last Saturday, September 16.

The path of vocation supposes a great renunciation for a greater good. But this yes to Christ for life “does not offer securities” and carries with it a response of faith and hope. Juan Manuel Garzón Santafé and Fr. Joe Jair Carabalí González, who made their solemn profession as Augustinian Recollects last Saturday, September 16. The two young Colombians said their perpetual yes to God in an emotional celebration in the Parish of Our Lady of Consolation in Bogota (Colombia).

The Eucharist was presided by Fr. Juan Pablo Martínez Peláez, Vicar of the Province of Our Lady of Candelaria, who publicly received the Profession of Solemn Vows. Also present were Augustinian Recollect religious, Augustinian Recollects, Franciscans, Augustinian Recollect Nuns and Augustinian Recollect Nuns of the Sick, as well as the families of the young protagonists.

In his homily, Friar Juan Pablo Martinez pointed out how, just as the Lord called countless people, nine years ago he fixed his gaze on Friar Juan Manuel Garzon Santafe and Friar Joe Jair Carabali Gonzalez, choosing them from the womb to be Augustinian Recollects. “It is the Lord who plants the seed of his word and waits for the fruits,” he said.

Likewise, he also reminded them that “the Lord calls and invites to follow him, but does not offer securities”, a call to leave everything, for that person is worthy insofar as he denies himself for the kingdom of heaven. “Now we renounce everything, because we are betting on more, for the evangelical counsels make us worthy of the kingdom of heaven in a world that goes against values.”

As the ritual indicates, Friar Juan Manuel Garzón Santafé and Friar Joe Jair Carabalí González were questioned about their decision; they asked with their faces to the ground the intercession of the saints through the sung litanies; and, finally, they freely and publicly made the formula of profession of the evangelical counsels for life, through the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, following the rule of our Father St. Augustine.