Social action

The Augustinian Recollects carry out social work in the 20 countries in which they are present, following the Augustinian Recollect charism of service to the needy as a way to show their self-love.

 Moving hearts

Solidarity, and what it understands, is a dimension of the Augustinian Recollect, which is part of our life and mission, and we want it to be present in our communities and ministries. The signs of the times demand from the Order a conscience committed to the real problems of society in every historical moment, that urge us to take the preferential option for the poor, for the family and for life, arbitrating, from a shared discernment, the appropriate responses in evangelization and pastoral. We want to commit ourselves to initiatives that promote social justice, solidarity, peace and the integrity of creation.

We are missionary disciples, we contribute with our charism to communion and we are willing to stay and go where the Church needs us, and to serve her, especially among the most impoverished. Our desire is to follow Christ poor, needing little and having the goods in common, living with austerity, caring more for the common than for what is proper, and always thanking the Lord for his gifts, which we share with the poor and needy. The Project of Life and Mission of the Order invites us to continue as Prophets of the Kingdom that we proclaim with joy and hope the Gospel that gives life and witness with our lives the realization, not yet full, of the creational project of the Father; denounce injustices and bet on poor presences among the poor and needy.

The Augustinian Recollect International Solidarity Network ARCORES is the solidary instrument of the Augustinian Recollect Family. Its mission is to awaken, encourage and accompany the missionary spirit of justice and universal solidarity proper to the Church and the Augustinian Recollect charism, making this dimension become a transversal axis of life and of the pastoral and missionary activity of the Order of Augustinian Recollects.

Transforming lives

The ARCORES network is an umbrella that includes all the organizations and social projects of the Augustinian Recollect family and has the mission:

  • Help maintain adherence to the identity and mission of the network, in line with the solidarity dimension of the Gospel and the Augustinian Recollect spirituality.
  • Build and strengthen a structure and organization that helps to institutionalize the co-responsibility and coordination of social action in the Augustinian Recollect family.
  • To encourage and promote the communion of action, objectives, common work of the network, co-responsibility, solidarity and collective management capacity, and communication, of the network, for the good of the universal Augustinian Recollect mission; At the same time, from that common, global and universal mission, it encourages and promotes the level of autonomy necessary for the proper functioning of the various Augustinian Recollect social organizations in each country.

Social justice

ARCORES International dreams – is its vision – with a world free of poverty in which the promotion of human rights -economic, social and cultural-, social justice, solidarity, peace and the integrity of creation predominate. other economic and / or political interests; in which all people and peoples can develop, without any discrimination, and can exercise their right to participate in an equitable way to improve their welfare.

For this reason, we work to be recognized as an international network of reference, consistent with its mission, characterized by its honesty and responsibility, an intercultural network, open and with national and international projection. We work to be effective and efficient from the organizational point of view, properly managing our resources – human and economic – and to be transparent with those who trust in us and with society in general.