“Solidarity is being a presence of hope”

The Prior General stresses the importance of living solidarity in communion in his message for the ARCORES Heart Solidarity Day 2022/23.

Joining the whole Church in the celebration of the World Day of the Poor, convoked by Pope Francis for November 13, the Prior General has sent a letter this Thursday, November 10, delving into the true meaning of solidarity for the Augustinian Recollect family. Miguel Angel Hernandez has invited to participate in the Heart Solidarity Day 2022/23, organized by the International Solidarity Network ARCORES from December 5, warning that, in the face of all the hard situations of society, “we cannot fail to act and we have to do it together, as a family, in communion”.

The Prior General begins his letter by affirming that solidarity is “to feel as one’s own the pain of others, and to sympathize with the anguish of those who are having a hard time”, “to take the side of the poor, to denounce injustice, to cry out the truth” and “to be a presence of hope in the midst of a world that does not allow it to flourish, nor offers us reasons to believe in it”. In this line, he indicates that the Augustinian Recollect family lives “has its own way of living solidarity: in communion”. For this reason, he invites to participate in the Heart Solidarity Day 2022/23, promoted by ARCORES and whose motto on this occasion is “Together, transforming lives”.

“Hunger queues are increasing, refugees from the war between Ukraine and Russia, and from so many other wars, do not stop arriving, the world is threatened by the irrationality of a few, who do not let the flag of peace fly and the planet cries out that it can no longer take it anymore. Young people can’t find housing, families can’t pay for electricity and gas, the shopping basket is constantly increasing, migrants number in the millions, women die in Iran for wearing a veil incorrectly, and the majority look the other way, trying to live their lives without being bothered,” Miguel Angel Hernandez harshly criticizes. In the face of this, he calls for “looking these situations in the face” and acting “in communion”.

In this sense, he wanted to take the opportunity to invite everyone -religious, religious, youth, elders, children…- to join the ARCORES project: “We want to unite the noblest beats of our heart, because unity and communion generate life and because communion is inserted in the essence of our charismatic identity”, he says. Although he assures that “the Order sees with immense joy the rapid growth and the good reception that our ARCORES Solidarity Network has experienced throughout the Recollect geography”, it is still necessary to “work together, join forces, walk in communion, and I think that there is no better opportunity for this than to live solidarity in communion”.

“As Pope Francis tells us: “let’s make noise”, let’s make noise with this Day of Solidarity. It’s not for us, it’s for the Lord’s favorites and the abandoned of society,” he concludes. ARCORES will present in the coming weeks the materials for the Day of Heartfelt Solidarity, encouraging participation in parishes, schools and communities.